Examples of challenges or areas which mental performance consulting may look to address:

  • Activation

  • Anxiety and stress management

  • Communication skills

  • Confidence

  • Dealing with success and failure

  • Flow state

  • Focus

  • Goal setting

  • Leadership skills

  • Lifestyle optimization

  • Motivation

  • Mindset

  • Performing under pressure

  • Pre-performance routines

  • Relaxation and recovery

  • Self-care

  • And more!

Mental performance consulting looks to work collaboratively to explore performance challenges, and develop the mindset and mental skill use which can be used to address these. This process strives to help individuals to maximize their potential, helping them achieve their very best when performing out on the field, up on the stage, or in the boardroom.

These sessions are equal parts coaching, and guided self-discovery. You can expect to explore the challenges you’re facing, receive a different perspective, learn new skills, and to reflect on past, current, and future events.

The duration of our service can vary based on your individual needs. Performers who come to us with a specific challenge often see growth and change in 1-3 sessions, whereas for others it may take longer. We view discovery and skill development as an ongoing practice which takes time and dedication. With that in mind, we will always strive to support your ongoing learning regardless of the length of service you desire.

Sessions last for 50 minutes, and come with a follow-up email and suggested homework. In-person location or web-service medium can vary based on your needs.

We offer a sliding scale for current youth athletes to benefit from our service. To find out more about our fee structure, click here.

For questions about our consulting service structure, please get in contact!

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