Frequently Asked Questions:

What might I learn during my session?
Skills developed during a mental performance session may include but are not limited to goal setting, imagery, self-talk, mindfulness, focus, presence, leadership, conscious breathwork, the development pre-performance routines, and more.

How does mental performance differ from sport psychology?
Mental performance is dedicated to the applied implementation of research and practices commonly found in sport psychology, coaching, organisational psychology, and counselling. Mental Performance Consultants look to focus on and address barriers to overcoming challenges, rather than underlying psychological or health issues.

How does mental performance consulting work?
The form which mental performance consulting takes will differ between athletes, teams, businesses, and organisations. It can include techniques such as psycho-education, guided self-discovery, and activities or exercises. Often, a periodized mental performance training plan will be developed collaboratively which allows structure, clarity, and accountability to the learning and development process.

Who can benefit from mental performance consulting?
Mental performance consulting can be suitable for anyone looking to recognize opportunities for growth, maximize potential, and lead their most fulfilled lives. Mzk Performance looks to teach the skills and strategies which elite performers benefit from, making these accessible to any individual, team, or organisation.

Is mental performance consulting only useful when something is wrong?
Not at all. Seeing a Mental Performance Consultant, or attending one of our workshops, can be a very positive step in allowing you to take life into your own hands, maximizing your daily potential, and setting you up to overcome any future challenges which you may face.

Will my extended benefits package cover our sessions?
Unfortunately our sessions are not currently covered by any extended benefits package. If you are looking for a consultant who may be, please contact us and we can refer you to a suitable professional.

When and how do you conduct mental performance consulting?
Mental performance consulting can be conducted in person if you are located in the Vancouver area, or remotely over video messaging services if you are further afield. We also accept inquiries about traveling to conduct a series of workshops or sessions. To find out more, get in contact today!

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