Examples of workshops we’ve ran in the past, and ones we’re interested in running in the future:

  • Communication

  • Elite performance

  • Goal setting

  • Growth mindset

  • High performance prep

  • Mental preparation

  • Mental toughness

  • Mindfulness for athletes

  • Performance mindset

  • Performance profiling

  • Performing under pressure

  • Season review

  • Self-care for athletes

  • Self-talk

  • Sport psych 101

  • Stress and performance

  • Team cohesion

  • Visualization

  • And more!

Our interactive and experiential workshops are the ideal way to introduce new concepts to your group, address ongoing challenges, or prepare for the journey to come. Far from your standard PowerPoint presentation, we strive to give you a learning experience which you’ll be able to apply from the moment you enter the door.

These sessions are equal parts presentation, and interactive facilitation. You can expect to explore the challenges you’re facing, receive a different perspective, learn new skills, and to reflect on past, current, and future events.

Workshops last for 120 minutes as standard, and will often come with a follow-up email to all interested participants. In-person location or webinar medium can vary based on your needs.

We offer a sliding scale for current High School and University groups to benefit from our service. Additionally, limited pro bono slots are allocated each month for the benefit of non-profit organisations, and youth groups. Find out more about our fee structure here.

For questions about our workshops, please get in contact!

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