Andrei Mandzuk, M.Sc.

Founder & Mental Performance Consultant

Connect with Andrei at:    Instagram   &   LinkedIn   .

Connect with Andrei at:
Instagram & LinkedIn.


Andrei is an experienced educator, coach, and presenter, who has obtained degrees in Sport Science B.Sc., and Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology M.Sc. Additionally, he is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, and holds current Wilderness Emergency First Aid, CPR/ AED, and Mental Health First Aid certifications.

He is honored to have worked with athletes from the grassroots level, through to the international stage. Andrei is passionate about fostering growth mindsets, chasing high performance, and supporting mental health and well-being.

Over the last decade, Andrei has used his depth of knowledge in the health and performance fields to benefit several large organisations. Previous areas of experience have included program management, high school teaching, life skills facilitation, mental health support, and technical coaching across a wide range of sports.

Having competed in cricket, soccer, rugby, and ultimate throughout his time as a junior and university athlete, Andrei can now be found living life in British Columbia to the fullest. Climbing rocks, riding bikes, skiing lines, and running trails.

Degree Qualifications:
M.Sc. Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology. Bangor University.
B.Sc. Sport Science. Bangor University.

Professional Affiliations:
Professional Member. European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology.
Student Member. Canadian Sport Psychology Association.
Certified Personal Trainer. American Council on Exercise

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